Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Blogoversary

So, apparently I missed it, but I started blogging about a year ago. 10-12-08 to be precise. It seems like only yesterday, and also about a hundred years ago. Probably it feels this way because I feel like I've neglected the old blog lately. Truthfully, I'm going to continue to post lightly until Christmas break. You see, I spend about a billion dollars on school and daycare, so I really should make an effort to do it well. Because someday I'm going to have to pay those student loans back and it could really be hard if I don't have a lucrative job.

Things I plan to do:
  • Take some pictures of the kids so you can at least see their cute little faces.
  • Um, study and then study some more.
  • Check the mail for my mail-in ballot.
  • Take the kids on a walk.
  • Sit down and write one of the many papers that are due in the very near future.
  • Procrastinate writing stupid papers because I actually hate writing. For real.
  • Feel bad about not writing stupid paper.
  • Start laundry during guilt phase of not writing stupid, stupid paper.
  • Focus on negative political ads so as to distract self from writing stupid, vile paper.
  • Watch Grey's Anatomy while pretending not to remember horrible paper.
  • Do the dishes and clean toilets because clearly they have priority over irritating paper.

So I'll get on that picture thing.

1 comment:

Summer and Steve at a party last year. said...

You kill me. I feel your pain. I'm also doing my fair share of school avoidance. Thanks for the drunk pumpkins. You made Steve's day.