Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Life with kids

Question: How many times do you have to sit on pee before you decide that checking the toilet seat first is a good idea?

Answer: Not sure yet, I'll let you know when I remember. Until then, I'll be the one wearing eau de urine.

Good times.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tooth Fairy

So I'm listening to Holly Robinson Peete and her husband on XM this week in the car. The story was about the Tooth Fairy and how they had forgotten to "help" her a few times and it had resulted in all kinds of trickery to right the situation. A couple of things crossed my mind. First, WOW, I can't believe that hasn't happened to me. Second, Ohmigod, I ROCK because that hasn't happened to me.

Cut to last night.

Meadow finally pulled her front tooth out. I've got pictures. They're deliciously bloody and gross. (Squeamish people may want to avoid looking at those.) Anyhoo... this morning, Meadow bounded down the stairs, eager to see if the tooth fairy left her something in the cup where she left her tooth.


The tooth fairy used to leave cash under their pillows. She has become progressively more and more anxious about waking the children, so she started leaving cash in the kitchen in a cup where the tooth bathes in cold water. The kids have left elaborate notes (in the past) about not wanting the money to be wet, so please leave it outside the cup or empty the cup when you take the tooth. PLEASE!

So my mind raced to some of the distraction techniques the Peetes had used from the story I heard in the car. I asked her if she had looked under her pillow as I edged towards my purse. As she dashed upstairs, I grabbed the first bill I saw and stuffed it in the cup of water. WITH THE TOOTH STILL IN THERE. When she got back downstairs, sad faced, I asked if she'd found anything. Then I said, let's look in the cup! I grabbed it and said, "Oh wow Meadow! She left you $5! Oh, we forgot to leave a note about not putting money in the water. Here, let me get that for you. I can dry it off." And I slipped the bill out of the water and put the cup WITH THE TOOTH out of sight and out of reach.

This all happened before I had one sip of coffee. And I am so happy I heard that story this week. Because I don't think pre-coffee me could have come up with something that quickly if I hadn't heard how someone else did it. Because I don't rock. In fact, I think this means I SUCK. Because I had a warning JUST THIS WEEK about JUST THIS SITUATION.


On to the pictures...

This is her preferred reading position.
Mom, LOOK!
See the blood bubble?! Oh, and the tooth.
All cleaned up and ready to go to ballet. Toothless.
Dude, come give me the face for when I told you Dad would invite your friend to go to Dave & Busters next weekend.
Everybody get down to River's face level for a picture.
She is so sweet. Mostly.
I am so cool without my tooth!
I am looking forward to a brand new SNL tonight and to studying and studying and studying.
By the way, I've been looking and looking and I can't find any clips online of Darrell Hammond and the I. am. bulletproof. skit. If you can find it, please send me the link.

Monday, February 18, 2008

He's gonna kick MY ass?

This is one of the reasons I love the internet. Enjoy.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Playing favorites

When Hunter and Meadow were little, they did what you expect kids to do - they preferred Mom for just about everything. Need somebody to kiss a boo-boo? Mom. Need a hug? Mom. Need someone to wipe your boogers on? Mom.

You know, I thought it was cool.

As they got older, the theme continued to dominate. Did Dad drive the car in a direction you didn't approve? Mom. Don't like the way Dad packed your lunch? Mom. Did you just puke all over the carpet? Mom.


Then came River.

From the beginning, he had a special bond with his Dad. He was the first baby to actually CRY when handed to me instead of Dad. Which he still does. Arms out, fingers grasping, contorting his body to be closer to Dad. At first I thought it was sweet. They had something special.

Now, I think I'm offended.

When we drive to places together and I go to get him out of his carseat, he shakes his head and begs for Dada. Getting dressed? Dada does it better. Did Mom help put those pants on? Ohmigosh! Didn't she notice they were on FIRE? How's the shirt Dad got you? Oh, right, pretty comfy. Awesome. Got a boo-boo? Dada. Need a hug? Dada. Need someone to wipe your boogers on? MOM.

Awwww. I knew I was his favorite.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Just pictures

Showing love for the Broncos Valentines Day Chocolate

This is how she gets ready for a playdate. For real.
"Take a picture of this!"

Goodnight moon

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Charlie bit my finger - again !

I'm totally stealing this from Dooce, so if you've already seen this - watch it again. Meadow begs to watch this over and over. I laugh harder every time I see it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Budlight dude commercial

So I noticed today that I say "Dude" ALL THE TIME. Especially when I'm talking to River. If you want to know how our interactions go - watch this commercial. Apparently, I talk like a boy.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Not much happening

Super Tuesday was fantastic. Mike and I really enjoyed the whole thing. It was actually more lively than four years ago in Iowa - which I would not have guessed.

Not much else to say really. Normal busy life... nothing particularly funny. So I'll get out of the way and you can see some pictures of the munchkins.

How cute is that?
She's SO cute.

I love his serious eyes.
She is so not into pictures lately.
What? Does it look like I'm up to something. Noooo, not me. I swear.
Too many fishies...
Have a good week!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Yes We Can Obama Song by will.i.am

Rock the Vote!!!

Little bits of conversation

10 minutes before the exam phone rings:

"Is this Sunshine?"


"Um, I have Hunter here and uh, he doesn't have a fever but he's been to the bathroom 3 times in the last hour and um, before we call your emergency contacts I wanted to call and ask what would you like us to do?"

[in my head - %#&*!]

"Well, the exam starts at 10:20, can you keep him until 11:30? I could be there by then."

To Hunter (aka hypochondriac child): "Hunter, do you think you can last a little longer if your Mom picks you up before lunch?"

To me: "It looks like he can. We'll call your people if something, um, you know, happens before then."

"Okay, thanks."

Me to Emergency contacts: "Um, so just a heads up, you may be getting a call about Hunter and um, explosive issues."

To my Emergency Contacts and all Emergency Contacts: Thanks for taking some seriously messed up calls. You rock.

In the car yesterday, when I was feeling a bit under the weather.

Me: "I'm just going to have to put my big girl panties on and suck it up."

Mike: "Eww. I don't like those."


Friday, February 1, 2008

So on top of it

I am happy to report that I have been exceptionally productive today.


1. I did, in fact, get off the ever-so-seductive-Internet and studied before class.
2. Then I really listened and I think I even learned something. I'm telling you, if Starbucks would PLEASE, for the love of Pete, put a shop on campus - I would never let my eyelids shut during lecture. Not even a little. I had time to stop on the way in today since the first lecture was cancelled. So I got an Americano and it really made a difference.
3. Took pictures of the kids - asked them to be cute... I think the pressure got to them. You be the judge.
4. Did ballet, dinner and bedtime. Even studied for a few hours and stopped at the Post Office to send my Mom her Nutcracker DVD. *It's coming Nanny!!!*
5. Now I'm posting the pictures.
6. When I'm done with this I'm going to study a little more, then watch Bill Maher.

I'm on a roll! No guilt for me.

Hey! If you're in a Super Tuesday state - get out and vote or get your behind to caucus! Whatever your state does. We've got a sitter lined up and we're going to Rock the Vote at our caucus for Barack on Tuesday. I don't care who you choose, just get involved. Be heard. (Okay, I care a little, but I won't ask you to stay home if you don't agree with me. That's OBNOXIOUS.)

Barack smells like hope. And sunbeams. He's smart. He doesn't make up words. You know, he THINKS. That's all I'll say about that.

So I'm on schedule to completely enjoy Sunday. No guilt from not posting. No guilt for not studying. I'm actually doing a happy dance, you just can't see.

Time for pictures.

This is what they do when I ask them to let me take pictures.
And this.And this.
Look! Hunter's smiling! And he's not in front of a video game. Whoa.
I'll get them sugared up this weekend and see if I can capture the madness on camera.

Have a great week. Vote if you can!

Screwing around

I'm at school. I am supposed to be studying for my exam on Monday since my first class was cancelled this morning. Instead, I'm surfing blogs. But I need to start studying so I can do nothing but bask in football ALL DAY LONG on Sunday. Ugh.

And then I remembered that I'm supposed to post cute pictures tonight. And I've taken exactly... um, none.


1. Get off the internet and study. Really. Seriously.
2. Listen during lecture today. Really listen so I don't need to study as much.
3. Go home and take pictures of kids. Hope they do cute stuff.
4. Ballet, dinner, bedtime.
5. Post cute pictures from #3.
6. Study Friday night.
7. Study Saturday.
8. Buy all kinds of fun stuff to eat on THE GREATEST SUNDAY OF THE WHOLE YEAR.
9. Sunday day - FOOTBALL.
10. Sunday night - mourn the end of the season. Mark calendar for draft day.
11. Feel bad about not studying but rationalize by remembering sleep is really important.

Hmmm. I better get on it. That's alot of stuff I need to feel guilty about not doing.

I'll see you again sometime around #5. Wish me luck.