Friday, February 8, 2008

Not much happening

Super Tuesday was fantastic. Mike and I really enjoyed the whole thing. It was actually more lively than four years ago in Iowa - which I would not have guessed.

Not much else to say really. Normal busy life... nothing particularly funny. So I'll get out of the way and you can see some pictures of the munchkins.

How cute is that?
She's SO cute.

I love his serious eyes.
She is so not into pictures lately.
What? Does it look like I'm up to something. Noooo, not me. I swear.
Too many fishies...
Have a good week!


Kelly said...

ARRRRGH! That kid w/the messes. Seriously, how do you stay sane (or are you??) w/all the craziness of River? He is so cute.

mom said...

Cute little buddies! Mike and I watched the Nutcracker video this morning early. Sooooo cute! Still not as much fun as being there though. We had fun, didn't we?! When's the next production??? A boy and his fishies - what can you say except at least it wasn't cheetos! Thanks goodness for a leather chair! happy day....

Katy said...

We have piles of goldfish crackers all the time too. I bet Rowan and River would be fast friends.