Friday, February 1, 2008

Screwing around

I'm at school. I am supposed to be studying for my exam on Monday since my first class was cancelled this morning. Instead, I'm surfing blogs. But I need to start studying so I can do nothing but bask in football ALL DAY LONG on Sunday. Ugh.

And then I remembered that I'm supposed to post cute pictures tonight. And I've taken exactly... um, none.


1. Get off the internet and study. Really. Seriously.
2. Listen during lecture today. Really listen so I don't need to study as much.
3. Go home and take pictures of kids. Hope they do cute stuff.
4. Ballet, dinner, bedtime.
5. Post cute pictures from #3.
6. Study Friday night.
7. Study Saturday.
8. Buy all kinds of fun stuff to eat on THE GREATEST SUNDAY OF THE WHOLE YEAR.
9. Sunday day - FOOTBALL.
10. Sunday night - mourn the end of the season. Mark calendar for draft day.
11. Feel bad about not studying but rationalize by remembering sleep is really important.

Hmmm. I better get on it. That's alot of stuff I need to feel guilty about not doing.

I'll see you again sometime around #5. Wish me luck.

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