Monday, January 28, 2008

Study Break

So school's back in session and I haven't got the time I was enjoying to devote to things like - surfing the net, playing video games with the kids, blogging. So now we're back to scraps and snippets. Sadly, the pictures I'm posting aren't even good - they're the only ones I took over the weekend.

We are all well for the most part. River has shared a daycare cold with all of us. Good times.

I really should get back to studying or I will fail out of school and it will be all your fault, dear Internet, because I don't think I can get diagnosed with anything like an addiction to blogs. Or at least if I could, I don't think school would care. Or my husband. Or the kids college funds.

I will try to take better pictures during the next week to post on Friday night.

Fizzix yogurt they finally guilted me into. Fizzy yogurt, in a tube. Gross.

See ya later!

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