Monday, January 7, 2008

On life:

First: pictures. Later: lots of babbling. Read at your own risk.

River in his favorite playroom.
Just chillin'.
My mess is so cool... look at me dance.
See, I'm cute.
Really cute.

On dental issues:

You have to understand, I come at this from the perspective of a person who has never had a cavity. Ever. Really. So having children who have cavities that seem to multiply at will is somewhat distressing, not to mention costly. Cavities that have eaten through sealant, popped up at the edge of the sealant, blah, blah, blah. It's gross. They brush. They even floss (at least occasionally) - something I SO didn't do when I was a kid. So what gives??? I'm currently considering sealing River's teeth even though insurance won't cover it because it's bound to be cheaper and less traumatic in the end.

On recovering from surgery:

This has been more difficult and annoying than recovering from childbirth. I'm fine unless I bend or crunch my abs in any fashion. Try bathing a kid, folding laundry or picking up things that have fallen on the floor without using those muscles. It's NOT possible. I've used my toes to pick up more things than I imagined I could... Poor Mike has been so great about the whole thing. He's been picking up the slack and not complaining, not even a little bit. He's seriously like a saint in these situations. Also on the up side - Mike has been home for two weekends in a row. It's been like heaven.

On the dog and sweeping:

Lola is a special dog. She doesn't shed. She doesn't snap at the baby, even when he has bitten her. She also allows him to repeatedly use her as a stepping stool without complaining. I'm just saying, if I was her, I would have bitten him by now. HARD. Another useful trick: she eats many of the things that River hucks from the table, cutting down on the amount of sweeping that would be necessary. This shouldn't lead you to believe that sweeping is something I do as often as is desirable with a toddler (3-5 times daily). In fact, I've taken up wearing socks so the amount of crumbs on the floor doesn't bother me as often as it would when barefooted. I just don't have it in me to be a fantastic housekeeper. Whenever I spend tons of time making the house super-clean I find I get far too cranky when people mess it up. Seeing as the kids are small and prone to being little wrecks on a daily basis, I'm just not willing to be that busy or cranky all the time.

On the end of Christmas:

I hate putting away the Christmas decorations every year. They make the house so full and cheerful. It always feels so empty when they're put away. Putting them away also signals the absolute end of letting the kids have their new toys all over the main floor. Which means I have to figure out where to put River's stuff. Which I don't want to do. Not even a little bit. I'm going to finish this week, but I hate it.

On New Year's Resolutions and Christmas cards:

I don't make them. I subscribe to the school of if you're going to make a change, change. It annoys me that there's an expectation to come up with all these things you SHOULD DO. I've never been a big fan of being told what to do. Isn't it enough that upon motherhood I started being a "rule follower"?! So I simply refuse to participate. This is most likely why I stopped sending Christmas cards a few years ago. One of these days I may start again, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

On happiness:

It's a choice. I choose to be happy and grateful. I love my life. I'm happy with my kids and my husband. I really feel lucky that this crazy thing turned out so well. I mean, when you say your vows, you really have no idea what it actually means. At least, I didn't. I love school and the program I've chosen. I love the little town we live in. I love that we've got family near and that the kids adore their cousins. On a day to day basis I am excited about life. On other days I am at least content, if not enthused. There are, of course, minor irritations that get blown up in the retelling because it's funnier that way. But don't take the sarcasm the wrong way - that's my sense of humor. I mean, you either think Bad Santa is one of the funniest movies you've ever seen or you are shocked and appalled by it. I belong to the first group.

On being old/young:

In the last month I have been called sweetie, ma'am and been carded for alcohol. I went to Starbucks and a girl who was clearly younger than me asked, "What can I get started for you, sweetie?". After I looked behind me to make sure she was talking to me, I ordered my Americano and moved on. Later in the week I dropped off the dog at the groomer's with bed head and wearing p.j.'s. When I picked her up, a woman who was clearly older than me asked if "her ears were the way you wanted them ma'am". Clearly the p.j.'s and hair would lead one to believe that formal speech is unnecessary. Do I really look old enough to be a ma'am? Note to self: remember to routinely wear mascara, at the very least. Finally, I was thrilled to be asked for ID at Mike's Christmas party. Until, of course, someone let me know that she asked everyone at the table for ID. Bummer.

On blogging:

I find other people's blogs so entertaining! The funny that people find in the day-to-day is interesting. Seeing my nieces and nephew grow up when I can't see them regularly in person is fantastic. I hope anyone who reads mine gets even a sliver of the joy that I get from peeking in on other people's lives...


Kelly said...

Um, I've taken to wearing socks too...and slippers...and we call Molly "Housekeeping!" (Say w/Asian sounding accent...)

mom said...

loved this entry!