Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Warning: Make-overs can be hazardous to your health

So here's a funny little something I've recently learned... DON'T allow your 6 year old daughter to give you a make-over without some sort of supervision when you are under the influence of pain killers. Background: had surgery on Friday - no big deal - I'm fine. As a result, I'm on some decent pain killers for a little while here. So when Meadow asks to give me a make-over I have no problem being her guinea pig. The make-over also included a foot massage! (Seriously, who could resist?) It was almost like a spa (okay, I may be stretching a bit here - the drugs aren't THAT good). Anyway, when she wants to cut my toe-nails I say, "Sure! Just be careful not to cut Mom's skin." At this point, Mike raises his eyebrows at me as if to say - are you insane? What I should have done at that point was politely and cheerfully declare the make-over complete. Instead, I smiled dreamily at my much wiser husband and shrugged my shoulders - as if to suggest that nothing bad could happen. Moments later, I had only half of my pinky toe-nail left. There was a lot of blood. Meadow was in tears because I scared her half to death when I jumped and yelled. In my defense, she removed the half of my pinky toe-nail that, in hindsight, I probably wanted to keep on the toe.

In case you're ever in a similar situation...

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Mom said...

This little piggy cried "Wee Wee" all the way home?

Perhaps she'll be a surgeon if the whole beautician/massage therapist thing doesn't work out.