Tuesday, January 8, 2008

While flipping between election coverage and Biggest Loser...

I've got a new addiction and it's name is Blogosphere. Holy cats!!! There's this whole world out there that I was completely unaware of and it's.... delicious! Seriously, check it out sometime.

Just a couple of pictures tonight.

Proof Lola is a saint.

Serious conversation. He's eating my chin!
Dinner/Play time
Take one of me too!
Fudge makes everything better.
The ritual emptying of the childproof (HA!) cabinet.
The corner of toys that isn't nearly as interesting as the kitchen cabinets.



mom said...

Great pics! Love the momma-little man mind meld, and "logs" are just the best pasta ever invented. Happy Day!

Kelly said...

How is it that they can just undo all the childproofing? Jenna is the same way. River just seems a tornado...Reminds me a lot my brother Jason when he was little. (He is nine years younger than me). And the Blogosphere - it sucks me in too!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I honestly thought (at first glance) that the first picture was the gods head on the baby's body.