Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Friend-ly Observation

One of the most painful parts of my education is that we are required to watch video tape of ourselves doing various tasks and turn in self evaluations.


Last semester, somehow, we were spared this particular humiliation.

I just completed a 10-12 minute presentation yesterday. So today I watched the video and completed that self-evaluation.

I am horrified by a variety of things - although I must honestly say that I did a very good job overall. But here's the other part. I am struck now by an on-going loop of a Friends episode where they are watching a high-school video of prom or something. Someone is shocked at how big Monica was and she defends herself by declaring that the camera adds 10 pounds. Chandler, of course, delivers then the line "How many cameras are ON you?"

How many cameras were on me!?



mom said...

You are too funny! And absolutely gorgeous just the way you are! (you do resemble your mother so)

mom said...

okay, maybe only in the funny part. :-)
I guess it is every woman's fear to wake up, look in the mirror and see their mother!

Kelly said...

I know which episode you speak of - Funny!