Saturday, March 7, 2009

Proof that I think "SCHOOL IS IMPORTANT!"

So Meadow had to sit in one of my classes the other day because she was home sick and Mike had an interview and I am compulsively unable to skip class for almost any reason because OMG I pay a lot of money to be there. Right?


It was the class where we all have to give presentations and we ususally have about three each week. There's a quiz afterwards to make sure you were listening. At any rate, I thought she could probably manage to sit through it without drawing too much attention to the fact that THERE'S A CHILD IN A COLLEGE CLASSROOM! (Although truthfully, people were fascinated by her presence and she was all, "Why are they starring at me?" and I was all, "Um, cuz you're short." Which, apparently pissed her off. *sigh* And writing all this makes me wonder if they'll print out blog posts when they're at the shrink's office as proof of what they went through. But, WHATEVER.)


We got through the first two which were about heat stroke and something else super boring. And then the last one was about hemorrhoids. The presenter used phrases like "anal itching" and "anal leakage". So Meadow writes me a note that says: "What is she talking about?" And I write back: "Butt problems." And she writes back: "I wish I didn't ask." And then I totally didn't laugh, which I think means I win some sort of prize.

And that's what I did last Wednesday.

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Kelly said...

This could all be proof used against us?!?! I hadn't thought of that. Wow.