Sunday, March 30, 2008

Evolution of a mess

So I'm busy studying. Learning lots of stuff about various chemical reactions different drugs can undergo - both in the lab and in the body. Do you know how many things you can do to morphine and it will still work - maybe even better??!! FASCINATING stuff, right? Anyhoo, I look up to see my adorable toddler with two things from DIFFERENT childproof areas. He's poured all of the Cheerios into our colander. Instead of freaking out, I decided to take pictures.

Clearly he fears us not.
If I could provide a sound effect it would be something like this: "aaamph"
Is there a problem lady?
I've got toons to watch and cheerios to eat.
Hmmm. Tasty and fun to play with.
Here we go!
I'm going to get every last one off of here.
The mess.
Using the colander to access the next thing he probably shouldn't be touching. Note the remorse written all over his face.
Yup. That's how we roll.


mom said...

He's so cute! And smart!

Kelly said...

ARGH! I sometimes get headaches reading about Little Dude. I DON'T think I could handle a boy! I really don't. I salute you. :oP Haha