Saturday, March 22, 2008

Long overdue

Hey there.

Well, I'm finally posting pictures. Although it seems I've mostly taken pictures of Meadow lately.

Not all that much is new here. The kids are, well kids. We had parent teacher conferences last week and nobody's grounded. So that's cool.

Mike and I both had our birthdays in the last two weeks. You know, we got older. Woo-hoo.

Meadow's other front tooth is threatening to come out soon. Hopefully it will come soon and I can post some more bloody pictures.

On to the pictures...

Mom put this stupid thing on my head to re-create cute pictures the camera ate.
This is what he thinks of the headband.
This is how you'll find Hunter most days.
She's waiting for her nails to dry.
Dollar area make-up gone so very wrong.
And again.
I showed her the pictures.
Waiting for the Easter bunny.

Do you think he'll leave me chocolate?
Good thing the Easter bunny doesn't work like Santa...

Happy Easter!

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