Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pictures again

We've never grown pumpkins before so I'm kind of in love with this thing. It hasn't even been a week since the last picture and it's gotten tons bigger! Cucumber.
I *love* this picture. He's always trying to see the pictures and it's much harder to take them now.
When the kids got home from the first day of school on Friday I was all, let's take pictures and pretend it was this morning. Meadow was confused.
Then River kept making it hard. This make look cute, but ask Hunter how his toes felt after the little "rammer" made contact.
I put River in his room.
Today he wanted to be like his "Big bigs" (big kids).
He knows he's cute.

Can you believe he's only 2?

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mom said...

Love the one where Mo is leaning on Hunter! I'll have to print & frame that one! Little Mr. Big is just too too sweet. Wow his hair has sure turned blonde this summer hasn't it? XOXOXO