Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Random thoughts posing as a post

There is something wrong with having to repeatedly ask your husband if he's sure nobody followed him home from a soccer game.

I, resident teeth snob, just had my first cavity ever. Mike was pissed that they didn't have to give me painkiller. He said it doesn't qualify as a "real cavity" unless Novocain is used. Whatever. (Who's the snob now?)

River likes to drink pool water. Last week he drank a lot. Then he puked. In the pool. Where people were swimming. Good times.

Meadow started ballet again yesterday. I can't put her hair in a bun because it's too short. Hope it grows enough by Nutcracker time.

Hunter is testing boundaries lately. Age appropriate, I'm sure. I wish it weren't also annoying.

Mike is in Minneapolis this week. I miss him already.

The pumpkin is huge! I haven't taken a new picture yet, but I plan to soon.

We tried to convince Hunter to try swim lessons. He said no because "that leads to swim team". Oh, the horror.

River is such a fun little person. He's exhausting, but wonderful.

I start school again next week. I feel the internet withdrawal already. I'm excited to have some time to myself.

For those of you who have toddlers: River has finally started to tolerate cartoons and he LOVES the Backyardigans and Wonder Pets. Now I can't get the songs out of my head. Wonder Pets! Wonder Pets we're on our way...



Timm said...

Now I'm going to have wonder pets stuck in my head all day long.

Kelly said...

Nooooooooo. "Wonder Pets" gets on my nerves but I do enjoy "Backyardigans."

mom said...

So - who would be following Mike home? Scary soccer fan? Disgruntled former employee? Professional talent scout? The sleuth in me wants to know.

Tell Hunter that I learned to swim 3 years ago, do it on a regular basis, and NO ONE has approached me about joining a swim team. (actually I misspoke - I did get asked to join the senior center ladies' syncronized swim team!) Yikes, maybe he's right.

Poor Mo - is there such a thing as a stylish hair net?? Just kidding! It will grow.

For River - the trick is to limit the amount of pool water you actually take in each visit. It only requires a small amount for the smell/taste to last all day.

Can't wait to see the pumpkin!

Wow! Already on your second year! Hope you enjoy it!!

sending love....