Sunday, November 16, 2008


This is Frosty. He wanted to pose with Hunter, but Hunter just wanted to get back to his game.

River thought Frosty was kind of cool. Kind of, except when he stole his chair.

Frosty thought Dad's broken ankle was a bummer and tried to cheer him up.

Frosty felt a little squeezed, but was far too polite to say anything.

Then he got his seat back. Yay!

Then the Merry Chrismoose totally stole his seat, clearly indicating that it's on.

This is what happens when school sucks up all my brain cells. Cool or sad? Depends on your perspective I suppose.


Kelly said...

Cool to me. Just b/c here, if the "Little Einsteins," Mickey Mouse, or Barbie don't say it, I don't know about it...

mom said...

How fun! So glad you were able to get one of Hunter this time! We are thinking about winter and Christmas at our house too. My friend Ann from the gym said they put up their Christmas tree this weekend! Must go shop......