Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm not that great without at least an entire cup of coffee. For real.

So Meadow comes down this morning after I've had about three sips of coffee. Our conversation went something like this:

Mom, how come this snow globe that Santa gave me last year says "Made in China" on the bottom?

Maybe there are elves in China?

{annoyed silence}

Let me see it. Huh. Well have you ever heard of out-sourcing?

{more annoyed silence, and laughter from husband}

Well that's when people need help to get all the work done, so they get others to help. Santa's got to have a lot of presents. And Wiis!! Santa doesn't make those - he gets them from Nintendo. So see, he totally gets help. So maybe he got help from China.

{still annoyed}

OMG. I don't know.

{rolls eyes and walks upstairs}

[yelling after her] Maybe you could write him a letter and ask him!


So you see how I'm not that great without coffee. *sigh*

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