Friday, May 2, 2008

We're ba-aack!!!

We have survived the mold. It was removed from the house. They even clean the air. It's pretty crazy.

Then Mike went to work on the damaged area and I've got pictures. He would be totally sad if he knew the pictures were taken before the trim was done - but he doesn't read the blog - so it'll be our secret. Shhhhhhhh!

Anyway... River turned 2! I still feel like I was just pregnant with him last week, so it's hard to believe he's 2. Also, we still call him "the baby". I don't think we're going to stop until he's shaving and demands it. Even then, I suspect we will still call him the baby behind his back.

The big kids are going on a three-week break from school. (It's that crazy year-round thing.) They'll be at day camp for two weeks and then I'll get to be with them for the last week, when I'm done with finals. I am so very excited to hang out with them.

Here are some random pictures:

Lola, before we shaved her hair off for the summer. But OMG she's so cute!
River with some of his new birthday gear. That little chair is one of the coolest things ever. All three of the kids love to play with it. River's getting more territorial about his stuff which can be amusing from time to time.
This is one of three that I took of the boys this morning. Hunter was trying to make River happy while I was getting dressed (toddler translation: Mom abandoned me! wah!)
Not sure if he's cool with me yet.
Aren't they sweet?
Look how pretty they are. They promised to never, ever flood my basement. So long as we both should live...
Look! There's a floor! And the toilet is back where it belongs! Also, there is no toilet paper. Hmmm. Better fix that.
The long view.
Seriously. He is such a happy baby. I could just squeeze him!
She is funny. And always making me laugh.
See you soon!


Katy said...

I'm so jealous of your washing machine and dryer! (Also, kids are adorable as usual. I'm sure you already knew that, though.)

Kelly said...

I am jealous too but only b/c Jenna loves those kinds so much. When Tim takes her to Lowe's she has to man handle them for a while! :o)

Happy birthday, Little Dude!

Mom said...

Wow!! That is a gorgeous laundry room! Good job Mike!! The boys are sooo sweet together - and Hunter is smiling at the camera!! Glad "Baby" likes his toys. Mo is a treat as always - was she really asleep? Can't wait to see you guys. I need to get the tickets - which weekend is it? I'm thinking the 24 - 25? XOXO