Sunday, November 25, 2007

Post Thanksgiving

We had a nice Thanksgiving. It snowed just enough to make everything pretty and not enough to be too problematic. Nanny and Poppy were here and did all of the baking with the kids while I was at school on Tuesday and Wednesday... it was fantastic! The turkey was pretty and we even remembered to get kale for presentation (per Meadow's request). We had dessert over at Lenae & Scott's and we all had fun watching River run around like a crazy man.

We went to the tree lighting on Friday and froze our buns off! The lights are really beautiful, but I swear it gets colder every year we go.

Mike bought a new camera so I'm just installing the software now. I haven't really played around with it yet to see what it can do, but I'll try more soon. Although maybe not until closer to Christmas since the semester is wrapping up and I'm pretty busy - we'll see...

On the domestic front, we found a magic (I swear) spot removal product. The ingredients aren't listed and I don't know what exactly is in it - but it works! We had a few grease spots that I had just resigned myself to living with until we replace the carpet - and they're gone. It's called Folex. Here's a link:

Here are a couple of snapshots that we took this week.

River is checking out the new camera box. He's got a thing for boxes.
Meadow was moving and the camera shot her and everything else looks like it was moving - weird. She's got curlers in her hair.
Hunter objects to having normal pictures taken, although he does seem almost amused.
Off to study before the Bronco game!

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