Sunday, November 4, 2007


Another busy week. River has a terrible ear infection and after two rounds of antibiotics he had a series of shots (6!!!) this week to hopefully get rid of it. I feel like we live at the pediatrician's office.

Parent teacher conferences were this week. Hunter is going through a testing boundaries stage. Ugh. Meadow is doing well and has a much better attitude about school.

Tough week to be a Rockies and Broncos fan. The game today was rough.

I've got some pictures I shot this weekend.

Hunter, with a smile. I actually caught him laughing!
She's just so much fun...

She volunteered to wash the table and chairs.
Apparently didn't want proof on camera.
So I'm working on dinner for later and I hear River in the back. I assume he's just emptying the cabinet again. I turned around to find this instead. (The garbage can is on top of the stove because River thinks it's ever so much fun to empty it.)

Caught in the act!
This is what happens when you raid your big brother and sister's Halloween candy and are discovered.

Have a great week!


Kelly said...

Aww! Poor baby in that last picture!

Tim said...

I was looking at the pictures and not reading the text, and thought what in the world are you cooking in that big ass pot. I guess that's the garbage though.