Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hungry lions

What a week...

First, my Grandpa passed away this week. I feel really fortunate that he and my Uncle David and Aunt Diana got to meet Mike and Hunter and Meadow the weekend we moved to Colorado. He is loved and will be missed.

On to more tedious matters - the Norovirus has been here. All three kids were sick at some point during the week. Poor Mike was a victim too. I've been bleaching and washing hands like crazy and just keep hoping it will end without getting me too. The Health Department called because they were considering closing the daycare due to an outbreak. Icky. We're doing better now I think. Now I need to catch up on regular laundry. Overall, gross.

Rethinking that whole wishing for the Red Sox thing... Hope Game 4 goes a different way. We still love the Rockies and are just waiting to go on a run!

Looking forward to Monday night - Broncos v. Packers. It'll be a little sad to have to beat Brett Favre, but it must be done. The Broncos looked so much better last week! We just have to keep it going. (Yes, I said we. Wearing gear totally puts us on the payroll and absolutely makes a difference.)

As for today, our first pumpkin got moldy so we're carving 2 more today. We love pumpkin seeds, so we should get quite a few! Meadow's got ballet practice later on this afternoon. She's got extra weekend practices for the Nutcracker every weekend until the performance in December. I also agreed that we'd try to make peanut butter cookies for Hunter this weekend, so I need to make that happen sometime today. Oh, and I have an exam tomorrow I need to study for... I'm so glad the Broncos are on tomorrow so I can actually watch the game!

We went to Aunt Lori's annual Halloween party last night. Before we left for the party we snapped some pictures of the kids in their costumes.

This is the only picture I could get all 3 in at the same time. The lion is a wanderer.
This was a night we had fruit cobbler after dinner.
Hunter and Meadow
Meadow. (She did that pose and said take one like this!)
A hungry lion must struggle for food...

He can't yet open the refrigerator and must seek other sources...
He's found some prey...
He's almost there...


After succeeding once, he contemplates attacking again...

The prey seems alarmed earlier this time around.

Have a great week and a safe Halloween!


Tim said...

good luck to the Bronco's. I'm still not recovered from the jags losing on Monday night. I love the holoween pictures.

Katy said...

So cute! Matt will be proud of Hunter's costume.

Do you roast the pumpkin seeds? We're going to carve pumpkins Wednesday, and I wanted to try roasting the seeds but I don't know how.