Saturday, October 13, 2007


So I think I'm starting to get the hang of this. Except I can't get captions near the pictures. Oh well. Learning curve I guess. Also, it's become apparent that I need to take some new pictures of the kids and get them into the computer in a timely fashion. I should probably find the camera first.

Basic family update:
Hunter is loving third grade and is excited that Super Mario Galaxy is coming out next month for the Wii. He's also reached the age where he thinks his parents are irritating and he rolls his eyes a lot.

Meadow loves ballet and first grade (in that order). She has auditioned for the Nutcracker and will be a Big Mouse in Act 1 and then some kind of candy that will emerge from underneath Mother Ginger's skirt (with 3 other girls) somewhere in Act 2. She usually thinks we're okay, but is starting to get the eye rolling disease too.
River is one of the fastest toddlers I've ever seen! We've nicknamed him "little taz" because he leaves a trail of destruction behind him and he's impossible to corral. Luckily, he still thinks we're cool - except when we say the dirtiest word to any toddler - No.
I've got a rare break from school - I've got Monday and Tuesday off! Mike took the week off so we're going to spend some kid-free time together early next week. (What's that?!)

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