Sunday, October 21, 2007

A little more snow...

Here are a few more pictures of the snow. We didn't really get that much, but it's enough for the kids to beg for snow cream. I hope it doesn't all melt until at least tomorrow. At any rate, we're loving it!

This is the railing off the deck, at the bottom you can see the satellite dish. At least I've got easy access. I'm not much of a roof climber. I think this is it - we're still getting tiny flurries, but nothing substantial.
The tree in the front yard.
My favorite tree in the backyard yesterday.
The red tree today.
Parting shots:

We're rooting for the Red Sox tonight so the Rockies get more attention when they win the World Series.

We're hoping the Broncos found themselves during the bye week and that they beat the Steelers tonight.

I've got to go study!


Mom said...

Wow! Great pics - amazing weather! Fun Sunday! Loved the photo of Little Man's crusties yesterday.:-)

Kelly said...

Um, we're still in shorts here...