Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's Snowing!!!

Yesterday it was 80 degrees. They were forcasting snow today so we took down the gazebo cover. Two years ago we lost a gazebo to an October storm that dropped a foot of snow. Anyway, I took a couple of pictures yesterday and then I've taken a couple this morning. (I was outside anyway, I've been pouring water over the dish periodically as snow accumulates - ahhh, the joys of satellite tv...) If we get significant snow, I'll take more pictures later in the day. The flakes are huge and pretty wet!

Gazebo area, yesterday.
Gazebo, this morning.
One of the backyard trees yesterday - the wind was strong.
The same tree this morning.
Saber went home yesterday, but I snapped him in his hiding place before he went home.
Have a great day! Go Broncos!

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