Sunday, December 9, 2007

Crunch time

For the next 4 years I will have exams on Mondays when school is in session. Why I decided to post every weekend, I'm not sure. Perhaps I believed I was no longer prone to procrastination and would do it on Fridays (ha!). At any rate, the next two weekend posts will be brief. Next weekend is finals weekend and Meadow's Nutcracker weekend. Three shows plus dress rehearsal. Yikes. I'll post pictures from the show around the 20th or 21st after finals are over.

Yesterday was the photo shoot for the show. All the dancers had their outfits on and posed with their scenes as a group and individually. You may be suprised to learn that while Meadow loves playing to the camera at home, when a professional gets involved the story changes. Significantly. After two hours of coaxing her into not frowning (that was the best I could do...) I began to get nervous about next weekend. For those of you who have purchased tickets, I hope she doesn't freak out. I'm crossing my fingers...

The boys are good. River has another ear infection (I love daycare). Hunter is busy with friends and happy to be back in school again (they've been off-track). Speaking of school - we just found out the kids will be switching to a conventional or modified conventional calendar next year! I am so excited! I'm going to get to spend the summer with the kids now, which hasn't been the case since we moved to Colorado.

I should get to the books. Here are some pictures from this week.

Meadow and Lola

Hard to believe she hates taking pictures.
The tree. It smells so good. Every year Mike picks the PERFECT tree.
Tree with lights and star.
Need to buy more lights and decide where the River line is before putting ornaments on. Will post finished product when we decide.

Where's your belly button?
They're always cuter when sleeping.

Have a good week!

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