Monday, December 3, 2007


Had to have Meadow pose for a picture so I can turn a copy in for her holiday tree to be posted at her performances. Guests can sign it for her when they come - how cute! This is my Meadow.
This is my River.
Kitchen helper...
This is my Hunter. Loves taking pictures.
Kids in action.
This is how they pose for "a nice picture".

The coffee ground incident.
What a mess!
He's trying to make up for the mess by helping me clean. Yes, that's syrup and not dishwasher detergent. But he's trying.
That's how it goes around here these days. Have a great week!


Katy said...

River is so cute, especially with the coffee grounds everywhere. And Rowan would love his apron.

Kelly said...

Jenna has an apron too. Loves it. Now, maybe he was high what w/all the caffeine and that's why he tried to use syrup. Tim and I enjoyed the River pix!! He and Jenna could tear the house down in two minutes flat!

Mom said...

Too cute for words! -such a happy home, I love it!