Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Holy terrible twos batman

I always thought people exaggerated the whole terrible two thing. I've always thought three was waaaaaaaay worse.

Correction. I always thought that until I met this charming young man:

Do you see how he's looking at me like: "Um, are you kidding me lady - with the pictures? Enough already. Pick me up and haul me around or I shall screech as you have never before heard someone screech. Additionally, I require snacks and drinks at will and I detest anything that means no. Again, kindly refer to the screeching portion. Also, you will need to repeat this until we are both so exhausted at the end of the day that you will either gladly put me to bed or poke forks into your eyes - whichever seems faster. Oh, and you'll have to understand that if screeching seems ineffective I will beat you with my tiny yet curiously powerful toddler fists. That is all."

All I'm saying is that it's really good that he's cute and a fantastic sleeper.

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mom said...

Hmmmmn.........enjoy each day Daughter - you could still be right about the whole 3 thing! XOXO