Monday, June 16, 2008

Random Picture Post

So I lost the magical cord that puts pictures into the computer from the camera last week. Mike found it Friday so now I can post pictures again!

We had a busy weekend. My parents were here, it was Meadow's end-of-year performance time, and it was our town's festival/fair weekend. And Father's Day! We had tons of fun. I'm just going to go ahead and spout off about pictures and call it good for today.

This is Meadow laughing during the performance with the audience when her side of a "ballet wave" finally remembered to "wave". I'm sure it has a real, ballet name - but I have no idea what it is and you get the point, right?
River this morning. His face is all healed from last weekend's fall. You'll see those in a minute here.
At the parade over the weekend.
This is a picture of the kids and their Aunt and their cousins in the parade. I've smudged faces of people I don't know and stuff that identifies family and the town because I'm a security freak like that.
Before we left the house for the big show.
I know it's blurry, but that's the best shot I've got of Meadow during this part of the production.
Another part of the performance...
She got a black eye about two weeks ago when she smashed her poor eye into something large and metal at a store.

One of the only pictures where Hunter isn't blurry from moving out of the picture because he still thinks it's cool to mess up my attempts to capture his smart ass.
River was giving some love to his cousin with Aunt Lenae at the Farmer's Market.
She's watching River.
Face is jacked up. Picture doesn't accurately depict jacked-up-edness. (That is too a word!)
That's all folks!

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