Friday, June 20, 2008

Sometimes being a home owner can suck it

I love having our home. But sometimes, I miss being able to call a landlord. The last few months have looked like this:
  • basement flood
  • main floor bathroom toilet seal broke
  • sprinkler system had to be fixed
  • garbage disposer had to be replaced
  • garage door broke last night

The garage door and I aren't friends. The first year we were here one of the springs broke and it was a couple hundred bucks to fix it. Next year, the other spring broke and it was another couple hundred bucks. Additionally, it has always been a little psychotic. It opens seemingly without reason from time to time. Which is why I'm an obsessive garage door locker. Then, last night, River and I waved to Mike and went to shut the garage door. It went half way down and then came back up. And then it died.

Note to house: SUCK IT.

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Kelly said...

Our garage door opener broke too. We called someone to fix it; they took our money and said, "Yep, it's broken." ARGHHH!!