Monday, September 1, 2008

Still here, just insanely busy

So... it's been busy. I will try to post once a week while school is in session.


It's the last day the pool is open. So we're home for lunch and nap, but will be swimming again later as long as the weather holds. I will attempt to take pictures.

School is awesome and awful. You know, you really have to study. Gross! As a side note, people have asked me if I will use the Dr. title when I'm done. The answer is F*** YES. I am paying a ton of cash and working my a** off. So, yeah.

Oh, and the BEST THING EVER!!! My sister-in-law, Lori, scored tickets to see Obama on Thursday for us. (Thank you!) I had been waitlisted and had given up all hope of going. If I figure out how to transfer pictures from my phone, I'll post them later. In short, it was fantastic.

Well, I'm going to put the little one down for a nap and dig into some homework. More (at least pictures) later.

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Summer and Steve said...

Hi Shine --
You have to tell me how the convention went. I'm sooooooooo jealous. I'm in school right now. Busy consulting. Trying not to be a workaholic. I'm so very, very bad at that. Love you. Hope all is well.