Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dogs, teeth and happy feet

Almost four years ago we bought Lola, sight unseen, from a store in the town we live in now. We fell in love with Saber and wanted a Wheaton of our own. So we made the seven and a half hour trip to Lenae & Scott's while they suffered through having an untrained puppy in their house until we could come collect her. They sent us pictures before we could get her and I thought I'd share a couple.

This is Lola and Saber at the beginning.
This is Lola's default pose, even today.
Of course, you've seen how they are now here (from last year), and here (from just the other day). I still love both of them like crazy.

In other news, I took the kids to the dentist yesterday. I hate taking the kids to the dentist. As I've explained before, it's generally really expensive. So when we went yesterday I was braced for how much this would cost because we have NEVER had a visit without a cavity. EVER. And then the dentist checked all three of them and declared that there were NO CAVITIES. I swear I almost fainted right there on the spot. Now, one needs a tooth pulled for alignment issues and one needs four sealants... but nobody needs crazy work done. Phew.

I'm doing a happy dance. Really.

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mom said...

Yeah! High fives all around on the good dental report!!

Give Lola a hug from her Nan.....