Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pictures and an update of sorts

Not much new here. Kids go back to school in a few weeks and I go a few weeks after that. In the meantime, we're spending just about every day at the pool. So I haven't taken a lot of new pictures because when we're at the pool I'm all concerned with making sure nobody drowns. Hard to snap pictures, ya know? So instead I decided to go through the pictures already uploaded to the computer and see if there were a few fun ones to share.

Also, we seem to have contracted yet another summer cold. Bah! Hunter is losing his voice. Meadow has a low fever. River has toddler boogers. Mike fainted yesterday because while he had a fever from the cold and maybe a little food poisoning, he decided it was a brilliant idea to take a hot bath - which I've tried to tell him is a BAD IDEA - but he seems to think it cures everything. Not so much, eh?

**Mike just texted me to say that his ribs hurt from when he LAID DOWN after his bath yesterday. Laid down = fainted**

More boring stuff - I was really glad Mike talked me into insurance for my phone because I dropped it in a bowl of water last week and totally ruined it. I got the new one on Saturday and have already reprogrammed all my numbers. I'm too cheap for such things normally, but I am glad he talked me into it. For the record: He was right. I was less right.

Anyway... we're all fine and pretty boring. On to the pictures.

She has no teeth.
Did I already post this one? He's mocking me. Like this: "ha-ha, ha-ha"
Hunter captured in photo
Sometimes she's just not that into taking pictures.
Might have posted this one already too - think I'm losing my mind.

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