Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm blowing raspberries

I've been a little blocked lately. Uninspired. Cranky some might say. Although they shouldn't say it out loud. Or near me. Or appear to be thinking such thoughts.

And then inspiration came (sort of) in the form of an odd telephone call. The caller ID says that I'm calling. From my home phone. Say what??? And then it's a computer, asking me to press a number and be connected to sign up for a service that I ALREADY PAY FOR. From a company that I send money to EVERY MONTH FOR THAT SERVICE. I hang up and curse them. And it's unfortunate, because I really liked them. And now I don't. Because they're stupid.

But then there's this fundamental truth. I'm not going to do anything about it. Because I don't feel like tearing anybody's head off when I can simply hang up the phone. And I'm not going to change where I get their services because I'm locked into a contract and frankly, it's been really great. And because I love my HDTV. Love it.

So how did they hi-jack my caller ID? That, I'm genuinely interested in.

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