Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This one is for darklao and my mama

Dudes. You have to check out this post on this blog. SO FUNNY.


darklao said...

Oh I laughed. Thank goodness nobody is around to think I'm a freak.

We're trying desperately not to adopt Queequeg, who would be #4... The cats don't even hiss at him much anymore, and I'm pretty sure nobody really seriously bothers to try to keep him out. Too much effort.

But he climbs up onto my shoulder when I'm out having a smoke (by free climbing my back--I has marks for proof), then gets his fine fluff all in my nose, then walks down my arm and gets in the way of me reading and forces me to wuv him.

darklao said...

Also, (now that I'm thinking about it lol) he puts up with Rowan, which is some kind of miracle? I had to tell him two different times today that it's okay to put him wherever he wants (toy box, the microwave in his play kitchen), but he's not allowed to close him in. Then we finished with me telling him that trapping him under a blanket also counts, and maybe we should let Queequeg go play outside for a while.

mom said...

Oh my! Laughed so hard I cried! It's all so sad and sick and true. I remember reading in a book on feng shui that you should never have more cats in a home than people . Unfortunately, I didn't recall that little pearl of wisdom until it was too late. Much, much too late.

mom said...

You have too many cats if:

-you no longer count, but simply refer to them as a herd

-the vet names his new boat after you

-you no longer even try to get the hair off your black pants

-you will drive anywhere for a sale on tuna (then disguise yourself and go back in to buy the limit again)

Kelly said...

Ok, Momma Deb - YOU had me laughing! You and Mike do have a herd!